Berlin in the face of the new camera

Feb 28, 2024 | General, Urban

The first photographic excursion with my new camera is now behind me and took me to Berlin for a long weekend. It wasn’t really planned, although the trip to the German capital itself was, namely to watch the SuperBowl in good company, but not in terms of any new camera equipment. Sometimes things just turn out differently than expected.

More or less prepared, I went on a motif hunt, always wondering what the results would look like. I couldn’t draw any initial conclusions from this session, the differences and uncertainty were too great in every respect. Uncertainty in terms of finding the right setting for all components, uncertainty in terms of routine – the usual procedure and setting of aperture, ISO and exposure time: everything is now somehow a little different and more varied and in-depth in terms of operation. There was also the time factor, as the trip was all about photography and I didn’t want to keep my friends waiting for me for long. And last but not least, the outside conditions weren’t really the best either: wet and cold.

The long exposures are saved much faster than before, i.e. immediately after the end of the recording and do not require the same amount of time for saving as for the recording itself. This is already a significant difference for shots of 30 seconds and more. And although there was a higher percentage of rejects than usual (due to the conditions), the raw material looks more than usable.


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