200,000 photos in 149 Months

Feb 7, 2024 | General

A city trip to Warsaw in November 2012 was “her” first big trip, and last October (2023), to Antwerp and Ghent, unplanned the last. After more than 200,000 shots in 149 months, I changed my digital eye. And in the end it happened quite quickly but not by chance, after all, 11 years of further development of camera technology and co. are simply worlds! I had been harbouring the desire for a new camera for some time; the compromises of the last two or three years were too great, at the expense of quality and my own wishes and demands, with decreasing satisfaction with my own setting, mindset and results.

Now I’m just looking forward to the new lens! But also that Emilia, the name of my faithful companion in my camera bag for the last 149 months, has provided me with so many great moments and shots and will continue to be available as a backup camera.

Incidentally, I switched from the EOS 650D to the EOS R7 within the Canon family because I wanted to continue using my existing lenses and other accessories. This was an argument that ultimately tipped the scales in my favour.


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