Lusatia at the foot of Hutberg Mountain

Jun 4, 2014 | General

From Kamenz into the wide world and without detours! … Not possible? Yes it is – even if on a smaller scale! It doesn’t take much but a lookout tower, namely the Lessingturm, a mountain, the Hutberg, and good weather, here in the form of sunshine and blue skies with good visibility conditions.

Due to the topographical conditions, “only” 297 m above sea level are enough to get a wide view of Lusatia. Striking points that catch the eye or should be familiar are the Upper Sorbian town of Kamenz with its airfield (in the foreground) and the two coal-fired power plants Schwarze Pumpe (on the horizon to the left) and Boxberg (on the horizon to the left/centre).

Total number of pixels: 615 million (@ 240 dpi)


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